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NuEnergy Readies for a Fast-Moving Market

What do a golf cart, blow dryer, and grill thermometer share in common?

thinking, thinking.

Give up?


Not just any “dumb” battery, say, for your flashlight. We’re talking lithium-ion “smart” battery packs that are fully rechargeable and function as energy-storage solutions. Because every battery needs power to function.

But this post isn’t just about batteries. (important as they are)

It’s about twenty years of significant work by NuEnergy Storage Technologies, whose cutting-edge rechargeable technology contributes to the green-ification of the battery industry with its high-end lithium-ion (li-ion) battery packs.

Here’s why you need NuEnergy on your radar now.

NuEnergy’s customized product lineup comprises three classes: cylindrical, prismatic, and polymer rechargeable batteries. NuEnergy engineers have created a design portfolio of battery packs, from cells, PCM, and BMS to custom cylinder packs with tooled enclosures.

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What makes a good battery?

High Safety: Protect and balance, prevent thermal runaway, protect circuitry, communication. Long Lifetime: Long-cycle life, life-cycle tested. High-Energy Density: li-ion chemistries. And Low Cost: Product efficiency and optimization.

NuEnergy proudly points to its success in various markets from automotive, consumer, and government to industrial, medical, and military. And to a wide range of solutions, including its LiFePO4 SLA (sealed liquid acid) replacement, standard energy storage, telecommunications, on/off-grid. The company also focuses on turnkey pack development and certifications: UN38.3, UL, IEC, CE, and more.

With specialized engineering and sales, NuEnergy covers the entire North American territory with global facilities in China/Hong Kong, Mexico, Germany, and South Korea. The company serves such brand-leader customers as Hitachi Chemical, Johnson Controls, LG, NEC, Panasonic, SDI, Sony, and Toshiba.

Engineer’s Need-to-Know

In the priorities of product development, batteries are not thought of as top of mind. But nothing happens until the power goes on. So engineers work early in the process defining the ideal energy-storage system.

Let’s say you’re deeply involved in product development use case and want to specify the correct battery set-up. You bring together your mechanical and electrical engineers to create the specification.

Where do you begin? Ask yourself: What are my voltage needs? My capacity? My footprint?

From there, you’ll work closely with NuEnergy to customize to your specific needs and determine charge/discharge currents, operating temperature, runtime, and more. The result: an ideal energy-storage solution to fit flawlessly with your product.

New Product Ready

NuEnergy’s latest innovation comes with its NX5 Series, built for the ultimate green home of the future, replacing lead acid batteries with lithium.

As part of LiFePO4 technology, the NX5 Series offers four in-demand applications:

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NuEnergy expects to see a healthy market for The NX5 Series as it responds to strong demand from the growing, energy-sensitive marketplace. Consumers want high-performance, environmentally safe battery energy electricity storage for solar self-consumption, time of use load shifting, backup power, and off-the-grid use.

Market Size to Triple

In consumer electronics alone, a juggernaut pushes up demand for portable electronics like smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices, and li-ion batteries will power. As demand rises, we may see more innovation, efficiency, and lower pricing following.

The global battery market, valued at USD 108 billion in 2019, is expected to triple by 2027 to USD 310.8 billion, with the U.S. expected to dominate growth with its high demand for EVs, cites

In the auto sector, electric vehicle (EV) demand has created ‘battery supply bottlenecks.’ Because of this, Audi temporarily halted production of its electric SUV, the e-tron, reducing its production to 4,100 EVs, 1,600 short of its 2020 target, says Ariel Cohen, a contributor to Forbes.

Lithium-ion batteries power our everyday lives— thousands of products in hundreds of categories. They’re better for the environment, more energy density, lighter weight, smart, and replace sealed- lead acid batteries.

The EV revolution, renewable energy movement, consumer electronics demand will continue to expand markets and pricing efficiencies. North America “remains a pioneer in the research and innovation in the global battery market, and one of the largest consumers of batteries,” states Modor Intelligence.  And NuEnergy intends to strengthen its growing leadership in North America.

Hunter Vielock, president of NuEnergy, shares that the company feels energized as it navigates this fast-moving market. It’s a good feeling—the way you feel after a hard work-out at the gym, knowing you’re on the right path.”

To your battery success, Matt Mitchell

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